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Product Overview

P2 Commander allows investigators to focus on specific areas of an exam by using advanced data processing engines. Whether you're completing an examination from start to finish or focusing on email or internet history analysis, P2 Commander's robust features will make your investigation easier.

Specialized Email Analysis

Whether it's simple single user email such as .PST files or complex network email archives with hundreds of gigabytes of messages, P2 Commander's deep level email examination engines can help you analyze email, recover deleted email, and sort out and analyze attachments.

Specialized Chat Analysis

Chat logs can be a crucial part of an investigation. The chat examination capabilities in P2 Commander allow you to automatically find chat logs and read them in a friendly format.

Specialized Registry Analysis

By analyzing the registry and system files, the Data Triage feature of P2 Commander saves you valuable time and automatically parses out the most important data regarding the system, installed software, USB usage, and more.

Specialized Internet File Analysis

Specialized analysis engines for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome allow investigators to piece together internet usage activities. From images, to web pages, to history, to cookies and more, internet files won't get past P2 Commander

Specialized Pornography Detection

Scan every image in your case for potential pornographic content. By using over eleven different algorithms to determine everything from skin tone, body shapes, faces, eliminating backgrounds, and more, the illicit image detection capabilities in P2 Commander can be another huge time saver for your case.

Features at a Glance:

  • Perform digital forensic examinations from start to finish
  • Supports standard forensic image types including RAW images, Forensic Replicator, Paraben Forensic Storage Containers, EnCase (E01), Safeback, VMware, & Virtual PC disk images
  • Supports analysis of memory dump files
  • Data Triage feature allows you to immediately begin analysis of the most critical data
  • Built in database needs doesn’t need a separate install or powerful hardware
  • Multi-threading allows you to start a different task for each process available on your machine
  • Examine logical and physical disks as well as individual files and folders with FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS (including partition free space and file slack), ExtX, and HFS+ filesystems
  • Analyze personal email files such as Outlook (PST through 2013 & OST through 2010), AOL, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Eudora, The Bat!, Plain Text, & over 750 MIME types and related file extensions
  • Analyze network email stores from Microsoft Exchange (EDB), Lotus Notes, (NSF), and GroupWise
  • Recover email deleted from deleted items from Outlook (PST & OST), Exchange (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF), Thunderbird, Eudora, and The Bat!
  • Advanced chat log analysis for Yahoo!, Skype, ICQ, Miranda, Hello, and Trillian
  • Image analyzer scans images for pornographic content
  • Internet data parser analyzes internet files from IE, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Forensic Sorter sorts files into specific categories for easier analysis
  • Hash database management can manage know files to Filter Out Common Hashes (FOCH)
  • Advanced exporting allows for keyword filtering, date range filtering, and attribute filtering and exporting to native formats as well as PST, EML, and MSG formats
  • Recursive sorting and searching means you won’t miss results embedded as email attachments, in archives, or OLE strings

P2 Commander includes a license P2 eXplorer Pro and Level 1 Training DVDs

Product available on special order after payment. Processing time is ca 14 days agreed individualy

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