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  Griffin Server - 100 logs 
Griffin Server - 100 logs
Price: 93.44 USD
Griffin Server - 100 logs is a special apllication which works with COM cable or MTBox to calculate codes and repair phones for the newest phones such as LG G7100, LG C1100, LG C1200, Sharp GX30, Sharp TM100, Panasonic x60 , Panasonic x66, Siemens ST 60, Panasonic x70, Panasonic G50 new version, Panasonic G51, Panasonic GD55 new versions, Maxon 79xx, Maxon 797x, Maxon O2 X1, LG 7050, Nokia DCT4 phones (ASIC 2/5/6), Siemens ST 55 new. For using function of this application you will need MTBox...