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  Set of USB adapters 6in1 
Set of USB adapters 6in1
Price: 4.69 USD
Factory new, packed in blister set of USB adapters is a set of the most popular, often used USB connectors with retractable, pocket cable.

Photo camperas Movie cameras MP3 and MP4 players Mobile phones Scanners Mobile hard drivers Palmtops, PDA
Set includes:
USB AM – USB AF USB AM – USB BM – to connect photo cameras, printers, scanners USB AM – 1394 (4P) – to connect movie cameras USB AM – 1394 (6P) – to connect movie cameras USB AM –...

  USB A-B A2B PRO cable with ACP-12 power 
usb, ufs2, ufs3, prodigy, twister, nokia, cable, rj45, usb a-b, a-b
Price: 5.00 USD
USB A-B PRO cable with ACP-12 power is designed to solve the problem with USB power limitation to 500mA which is available in mobile computers. You do not have to use active USB HUBs any more and thanks to high quality of connectors and support for USB 2.0 - cable has many usages. It is recommeneded for all GSM boxes and interfaces to avoid low power problems.
NOTE: To use this cable you need an additional Nokia ACP-12 charger which is not included in set.
Length: 1 meter