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  Card 3in1 (test card, iPhone activation, phonebook) 
Card 3in1 (test card, iPhone activation, phonebook)
Price: 9.06 USD
Available soon

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iPhone Spirit Activation Card 3in1

On 27.10.2010 Apple blocked possibility to activate iPhone using this card. Other functions work without change. Producer is working on an update for this card.

It has features of:
- iPhone activation card
- Test card - for se tool and other purposes
- Phone contacts backup card - allows to save up to 4000 entries

  GSM Test SIM Card - SEtool SE tool 
GSM Test SIM Card - SEtool SE tool
Price: 12.19 USD
GSM Test Card
Now this card is also necessary to unlock new SonyEricsson phones using SE TOOL BOX 3
Everyone who works in authorized service know how expensive is original Wavetec's test card. Our product works the same way and you can buy it at very low price. This test card ignores simlock and allows you to access phone menu. For example in SPV C500 it is necessary to enter phone menu before unlock and it is not possible using any other sim card.
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