Sagem SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 clone

Sagem SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 cloneEnlarge    Price: 38.13 USD
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SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 clone is a unique hardware key with cables which allows you to unlock phone, remove phone code (phone version does not matter) in phones like Sagem MY-x100, VS3, VS2, VS1, X8, X4, C5-2, X5-5, v55, S341i, WONU S1, WC 3b, V55, X5-2, X5-5, Z3, SG 332, SG 341, SG 321, C-5w, C-4, C2-2, C2-3, C2, C5-2v, X1, X2, X3, X-3d, X3-2, X5, X-5m, X-6, X-7, V-65, V-75, WONU S-368 (CHINA), Z-5.
Whole operation is very easy - just open program, select phone model and press Read Code - after reading codes you can enter them manualy into phone. You can also read flash and make your own Sagem firmware library.

New update allows you to flash and repair also models like X4, V55, X55, X5-2, SG 332, SG341i, C-5-2 !

Supported phone models and versions:
Update v18.03
  • MyX2-2m
  • MyC3-2

    Update v17.02
    D1 02 01 myX-1wt
    C0 48 01 myC2-3
    C4 22 01 myC2-3
    0C 10 01 mZ-5
    F4 05 01 myC4-2

    Update v15
  • VS3
  • MY-100x
    Also addedd new HT types for supported phones as:
    HT 15 05 01 my100x
    08 2C 01 myC5-2v
    16 80 01 VS-1
    20 0D 01 myX5-2m
    A0 0E 01 myC4-2
    C4 04 01 myC5-2v
    D5 00 01 myC4-2

    Update v14.01
  • C4-2 HT 23 45 01

    Update v14
  • SG 332i (also flash phone and repair)

    Update v13
  • C2-3
  • C2-3m
  • C5-2v,
  • VS2

    Update v12
  • VS1
  • Z-5

    Update v11
  • MyX2-2m
  • MyZ-55
  • MyC4-2
  • MyV56
  • MX5-2v

  • S3 Wonu
  • C 5w NEW HT (A2)
  • WONU NEW HT (A2)
  • X4 (also flash phone and repair)
  • C5-2 (also flash phone and repair)
  • S-7
  • X-8
  • WONU S1
  • WONU S 368 (CHINA)
  • C 3
  • C 3b
  • V 55 (also flash phone and repair)
  • X 5-2 (also flash phone and repair)
  • X 55 (also flash phone and repair)
  • Z 3
  • SG 341 (also flash phone and repair)
  • SG 321
  • C 5w
  • C 4
  • C 2-2
  • C 2
  • X 1
  • X 2
  • X 3
  • X 3d
  • X 3-2
  • X 5
  • X 5m
  • X 6
  • X 7
  • V 65
  • V 75



    For reading unlock code from your phone or reset phone code you must open phone and connect cable to Test Point in phone. Test Points are huge so even amateur can do this. After connecting to Test Point you may read code by just 5 seconds. It's the only method for unlock these models in the WORLD since new phones don't use FIELDS anymore that are used for calculating code by BruteForce method. Difference between other software is that this software reads code - does not calculate it. That's why reading process takes only 4 seconds.


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    Set includes:
  • Sagem Code Reader II Unlocker/Flasher clone
  • 1 x cable with 9xx connector type
  • 1 x cable with c2 connector type
  • 1 x cable for Wonu phones
    This device is a clone and works only with the newest v18.03a. We do not guarantee updates in future.

    Price: 38.13 USD
    Ask for discount BUY

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