Repairing handbook for Nokia 9210

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It is one of repairing handbooks series usefull in finding a damage in phone and then repairing it. Our 60-pages book includes phone's schemes, diagrams showing what you should check or do to recognize the problem and then repair.
Our service book is in English only

Below you can find index of the book:
Chapter 1 Disassembly Instructions for Nokia 9210 Mobile Phone
Chapter 2 Typical Circuits Analysis for Nokia 9210 Mobile Phone
2.1 RF part
2.1.1 Receiver
2.1.2 Transmitte
2.1.3 Frequency Synthesizer
2.2 Audio and Control Part
2.2.1 Audio circuitry
2.2.2 Clocking Scheme
2.2.3 CPU block
2.2.4 MEMORIES block
2.2.5 MMC block
2.2.6 SYSCON block
2.3 Power Supply
2.3.1 Power distribution
2.3.2 Power up and power off
2.3.3 Charging
2.3.4 Resets and Watchdogs
2.3.5 POWER block
2.4 User Interface
2.4.1 IRDA block
2.4.2 LCD Interface
2.4.3 Keyboard Interface
2.4.4 Earpiece and HF Speaker Lines
Chapter 3 Troubleshooting for Nokia 9210 Mobile Phone
3.1 Baseband troubleshooting
3.1.1 Dead voice
3.1.2 General Power Checking
3.1.3 Device does not stay ON
3.1.4 Charging checking
3.1.5 Clocks troubleshooting
3.1.6 SIM Card fault
3.1.7 Audio troubleshooting
3.1.8 Phone doesn't register ti the network or doesn't make a call
3.1.9 IR Interface Troubleshooting
3.1.10 CMD and keypad illumination problems
3.1.11 Memory troubleshooting
3.2 RF troubleshooting
3.2.1 EGSM Receiver
3.2.2 PCN Receiver
3.2.3 EGSM Transmitter
3.2.4 PCN Transmitter
3.2.5 PLL Sybthesizer

Price: 3.12 USD
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nokia, 9210, service, manual, repair, handbook

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