SL3 GUI for oclhashcat lite

SL3 GUI for oclhashcat liteEnlarge    Price: 62.19 USD
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* Server / Client edition

- Server app can work with or without client's connected ( if you only have 1 PC )
- Server app can work with clients connected in ( LAN - Local Area Network )
- Server app can work with clients connected over Internet using ( or )
no matter where your PC's are ( town, continent )
- Server app can work with PCs connected in LAN and over Internet at the same time.
- There are no LIMITS for client PC's ( you can connect as many clients as you wish
without additional payment for each PC license )

- After calcuation sending e-mai with attached code files to selected e-mail previously added in queue.
- Split job's on number of PC's you add
- Restore calc, at any point you can stop calculation and restore it when you wish
- Create backup of restore file in ( IMEI_backup directory )
- Have visual information ( police siren gif when calculation is finished )
- Have sound information ( police sound when calculation is finished )
- Pause and resume calculation at any point
- Convert COD to mx_COD option
- After finished calculation in JOB done list you can double click on selected IMEI
and you will be redirected to folder where are files and that IMEI will be selected
- Automatic update curent calculation status and upload results to your web ( if you have web hosting )
- etc...



* Queue.exe

- In queue you can load any available log in market from any 3rd party Nokia box
Queue allows you to load imei and hash, save contact details, email address, contact number,
phone model etc...
- All info stored and easy to find using search option
- At each saving backup of queue created
Easy to use



* Client.exe

- receive commands from server
- check server connection
- check status and monitoring calculation
- can check at any point what server calc's ( server status )
- get's info about connected clients
- Easy to use



* PHP Web Option

- PHP files included
- Current status upload to web evry 30 seconds
- PHP files with results page, search box for user's afther enter correct IMEI
they will get calculation results and option to download IMEI_COD.txt or mx_cod
- Easy to setup php, no mysql bases, simple, fast and easy

Set includes:
- license of sl3gui for 1 PC
- clients up to 100 PCs

Price: 62.19 USD
Ask for discount BUY

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